4 Window Cleaning Tips you shouldn’t skip!

It is a fact that tidy windows play a part in the overall cleanliness of the house. You may end up the daily cleaning chores by simply removing the dust from the floor or furniture however the windows should also give a pristine finish. Wait; are you from those who find it hard to remove stains from the glass? Don’t worry because we have come up with the ideas that prove useful for daily cleaning chores. So, let’s ponder the useful tips of this blog:


  • Vodka cleans Stubborn Stains!

You may use vodka for drinking purposes only however it can be used for cleaning too. If there are stubborn stains on the window that seems hard to remove, vodka is the best option to choose. Applying a few drops of vodka on stains can remove them easily. So, rather getting panic or looking for expensive cleaners, it is better to get the advantage of vodka that every household keeps at home.


  • Vinegar gives Pristine Finish!

The use of vinegar can also do magic. For flawless window cleaning in Dunmow, the best approach is to use household material. Vinegar doesn’t prove harmful and gives a pristine finish. Besides, it doesn’t affect the quality of glass and is easy to apply as well. In short, you won’t have to visit the market rather the stuff already available at home can prove helpful.


  • Soapy Water!

The soapy water is another best option to use however it doesn’t prove helpful to remove the stubborn stains. The grime and small marks can be washed out with soapy water. So, how should you apply the soapy water? Take a sponge and soak the soapy water to apply on the glass. You can even gently rub the window with a clean cloth. Dishwashing detergent can also be used for this purpose.


  • Baking Soda and Lemon Juice!

Take half a cup of lemon juice and mix baking soda into it. The mixture is good to remove the stains from windows. A soft sponge can be used for applying the mixture. However, if the stains seem hard to remove, the mixture should be left on the window for around fifteen minutes. In this case, all the marks will be removed and a seamless surface would be ensured. So, the households should mark the above tips for the pristine finish of the window.