Which Household Things are Famous for Window Cleaning?

People who want their premises wonderfully cleaned usually prefer using household things and that is why plenty of questions regarding DIY tips are received on daily basis. Well, multiple household things are usually used for floor cleaning but when it comes about windows; people get confused because glass is obviously more sensitive than marble floor tiles. So, what actually can prove great for removing the grime over the surface of windows? Market-based chemicals sometimes leave patches on the glass by destroying the quality but some natural products like lemon, vinegar, and other things prove good to apply on the glass.

White Vinegar!

You can keep the windows smear and streak free by using white vinegar as it actually fights with such stains while ensuring a pristine finish. There is no rocket science required for this work as a single spray bottle proves enough for spraying the vinegar on to the glass. When few minutes will be passed, the grime will automatically lose its strength with glass and so you can gently wipe out the dirt with a lint-free cloth. Well, if the quantity of vinegar is low or you are unsure about using it directly then of course water is a good option to add into the vinegar.

Lemon and Baking Soda!

You may get amazed that how baking soda can remove the stains from a window however it alone doesn’t remove the stains unless lemon juice is added into it. This mixture is absolutely useful for window cleaning in Maldon because here the majority of people go for DIY tips. Well, the professional cleaners of this town can also be hired if you want to save the time. Make sure that you have enough quantity of lemon juice because the excess of baking soda won’t let you make the solution with perfect thickness.


Detergent is obviously easily available at home so you won’t need to visit the market. Add two to three cups of water into a bucket with an addition of three tablespoons of detergent and you are set to use this liquid over the surface of window’s glass. It works smoothly and if you leave the mixture on the glass for five minutes, wiping out the stubborn stains will become amazingly easy. Well, try to keep two spare lint-free clothes while cleaning because soaking the water will become easy in this case.


Vodka is also a great thing to remove clingy grime as it works in a very gentle way and doesn’t require the extra manual effort of rubbing the stains. Well, if you avoid mixing water into it, vodka will work in a more effective way.